The Privilege of Sport

Sports have opened so many doors for me; doors and opportunities that I would have never even thought would be available to me and I am forever grateful. I would be remiss if I did not maximize on my opportunities.

The movement has begun. The wave is coming.

We're transcending the holistic vision of athletes through the connection of sport to what’s next.

Growing up, my Dad always said, “Sport is a means to the end, not the end in itself.” I always chalked this up to him just saying “Dad” things. I never really knew what it meant or paid it any attention.

Finally, after being removed from playing football, I understood. Sports can be a springboard to bigger and better things and are not necessarily the end of the journey.

Think about this: an average professional sports career is 6 to 7 years. That’s not considering injury or being cut from a team. Most professional careers begin in your early 20’s. There is a high chance that if you play professional sports, you will “retire” before 30.

I put the word retire above in quotations because the age of retirement in North America is widely viewed as 65. If you “retire” by the age of 30, what will you do for the next 35 years of your life?

Focusing on sport and striving to make a career out of it is admirable. I wish you good health and fortune! However, I also urge you to widen your horizons. Sports will give you opportunities to so many open doors that would not have been available otherwise. Whatever your passion may be can be furthered by the connections and progressions you make while playing.

It’s an absolute privilege to play sports. How will you use it? 

Beyond The Game is how I’m using my privilege. I’ve been blessed to meet and build lasting and meaningful relationships with people who have big impacts within their communities. These people have helped shape my perspective, career, and life. 

Sport is not your purpose – it is a vehicle you utilize to highlight your purpose. How are you impacting those around you every day?


Shaka Fonderson

Founder, Beyond The Game

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