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In December 2017, the Brandon Rynka 365 brand got launched.

At the time, I was working a job I actually quite enjoyed. I was a Fitness Advisor at GoodLife. I had been there for a year, and was a Top Sales Rep in the region. My environment was awesome, my freedom was great and my income was efficient for my life style. Not a lot to complain about.

Yet, being a lifelong dreamer and creator, I knew I wanted to build something structured around my true desires and belief, and in doing so, make a positive impact for others.

Since my time working at a Direct Marketing Agency, where I eventually got promoted to run my own Company back in 2016, I discovered I loved running morning impact meetings for my crew. I loved talking about the process, pursuing a better life, and creating something you can be proud of. Virtually every morning I was afforded the platform to motivate dozens of driven individuals to build a life they truly wanted to shape for themselves.

I realized I loved speaking and inspiring others and with that my goal in life was simple: I wanted to do this as a career, but I also wanted to tie that into health, wellness, fitness, and living a life I was passionate about - a life beyond the average career label. I wanted to do something extremely unique, different, challenging and worth pursuing. I wanted to become an athlete that tested his body and mind for the intrinsic reward but also use my discoveries and experiences as a launching pad to give people the tools and insights into how they can live their most fulfilling and meaningful life.

I wasn’t going to sugar coat the process, give out cliché “life coach” advice, or preach something I didn’t practice. I was going to be the Guinee pig. I was going to tell my audience the truth behind creating a rewarding life, by having authentic conversations, based on my experiences, findings and research, with people looking to improve all areas of their life.

I managed to embrace this platform by experimenting with a 365 day challenge, from December 1st 2017, to November 30th 2018. Every month I would choose a new physical and mental challenge, and I would do said challenge every day of that month; monitoring my progress, fulfillment and growth throughout each month.

I chose to not only embark on challenges for entire months, but chose to embrace some of the world’s most difficult mental and physical tests; tests like iron mans, ultra marathons, 14 day solo Cycle across the Great Lakes of Ontario, Cold exposure, and innate physical competitions like grappling and kickboxing.

My life changed after that 365 days. I had embarked on over a dozen challenges that I never truly embraced full on before.

I learned an incredible amount about myself. I discovered new lows, but also new highs. I embarked on life altering races, moments and experiences that gave me true understanding of who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and how I would do so from the most authentically intrinsic place possible. I become incredibly self-aware, and was reintroduced the idea of what can be achieved when you truly embrace the “burn your boat” mentality, leaving you with no choice but to figure it out. And I also realized pure bliss is only really achieved when true challenge is presented and overcome.

I am currently taking on a new challenge, A “5 month Ultimate Fitness Project” where I aim to blur the lines behind Strength and Endurance training. My goal is to provide insight on how to achieve athletic optimization, but also achieve true mental, emotional and personal acceptance through doing so. I will be taking on the “World’s Strongest Triathlon, A Spartan Race, and 3 Ultra Marathons, each longer than the next.

I speak on the subject of fulfillment and self-optimization, as now more than ever, people are mentally drained, emotionally broken, personally lost, financially over whelmed and professionally exhausted. Through challenging yourself, you not only achieve a great deal of personal satisfaction, but if embraced properly, learn how to optimize all aspects of your life, leaving you excited about tomorrow rather than feeling low with emotions of uncertainty, emptiness and self-guilt.

Brandon Rynka


In December 2017, the Brandon Rynka 365 brand got launched.

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