From A Dream To The Movement

Culture change is on the horizon. The movement has begun. Together we will turn the tides to a better future.

"Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!"

This is a very common statement that I'm sure many of us have heard, or at least some semblance of it. What happens when what you love is not the most logical for a career? What happens when what you love is not necessarily the "typical" career path?

Enter: "Beyond The Game."

I have two timeless passions: People and Sports. People have an amazing way of being relational and showing love to each other that I will always admire. While sport, in my opinion, is the ultimate teacher. It brings people together and teaches lessons in a way that only sports can.

I was blessed to play football at the University of Toronto for a season and due to academics, or more appropriately, the lack thereof on my part, I transferred to George Brown College to finish my degree. However, transferring meant I was leaving something I was good at, something I felt comfortable giving my all too: football.

If I had kept playing football, my draft year would have been 2016. The Canadian Football League draft came and went without my name being called. I did not expect to be called, but it did hurt me when some of my friends, former teammates and opponents, were drafted and I was not. I wasn't hurt by them, I was hurt by my lack of care to do what I needed to do in order to make sure my dream came true.

One thing I came to terms with is that I did not know how to use my skills gained through sports. It took a lot of self-discovery through Athletes In Action, The Legacy Coaching, and years being away from playing to understand that I was more than an athlete and I had more to offer the world than just my body playing a sport. So now I've found a way to marry my passions. Beyond The Game is part of the movement to create a shift in the athletic culture.

Through extensive programming, mentors, and consistent accountability, we are going to ensure that athletes understand the skills they have and how to apply those skills.

Join us as we continue to build and let us work together in changing a culture.


Shaka Fonderson

Founder, Beyond The Game

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